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July 12, 2016 1 min read

This is Rusty, more formally known as Rukoko M. Rusty is pretty damn good looking. She has a fancy canter, an international tail and the pedigree of a Duchess. Rusty is posh and she knows it. Riding a horse like Rusty brings out my inner Kardashian which makes it hard to pay attention to the task at hand (i.e. dressage) when I constantly have to resist the urge to take selfies and check myself out in the gigantic mirrors at Mitchell Park.

Postscript: This is really where it all started. I never knew I liked to write, nor did I every imagine that other horsey people would be interested in reading my writing. I was nominated in a Facebook horsey chain letter to post a horsey photo every day for 5 days. The first photo was of Rusty and I had a little chuckle as I wrote the little blurb above. By the end of the five days, my writing had taken on a life of it's own. People I didn't know wrote to me and encouraged me to keep going. The idea of a blog was suggested time and time again. I swatted the idea away, afraid that one day I might run out of inspiration and then, well, what? I thought about it some more and decided that whilst I have horses, whilst I can see the humour in every day life and whilst I can still laugh at myself, I will more than likely, be able to find something to write about............