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The Rug By LT - Silver Grey & Black


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This stunning silver grey and black 300g fleece rug does double duty as a stable or dress rug.  The rug is beautifully finished with black binding, two rows of thick decorative cord and two grey leather LT branded patches on the top front closure. 

The addition of a double sided satin collar serves two purposes, firstly to prevent any rubbing over the withers and secondly to prevent any stretching of the fleece around the shoulders. The rug also features satin lined shoulders. 

The belly straps and fillet string are both detachable on both sides so you can remove them and throw the rug over your saddled horse to keep them warm between classes at shows. The rug has a double front closure. 

This rug matches perfectly with the LT silver grey and black collection that includes matching saddle pads, bandages, boots and bell boots. 

Colour: Silver grey fleece

Trim: Black binding, black and white double cord trim. 

Details: LT branded fake, grey leather patches on top front closures. Two detachable belly straps. Detachable fillet string. 

Washing instructions: Wash at 30 degrees. Do not dry clean. Hang inside out to dry.