Way back in 2016, Mike and I met Kate Donnelly and Athan Dolduris, the great people behind Love The Pen. Their creative work and passion for our local area really resonated with me and we worked together on a photo shoot for our veterinary practice, Tweedie & Associates. The setting was 'Mitchell Park' a beautiful property owned by my good friend, Cassia Montgomery.

Earlier this year, I was incredibly flattered when Athan and Kate asked me to contribute a written piece for their new book Seasons, the culmination of a decade of Kate's photographic work. My season was summer, so I poured myself a wine and I sat in the middle of August, wrapped in a blanket and I delved into the depths of my imagination.

I never know where my creative journey will take me, and this time it took me back to Marine Park and the summer days when Katie and I would race down to the stables to beat the heat and ride with Laura in the early hours of the morning. I felt the warmth that engulfs you in February. I heard the buzzing of blowflies, the stamping of hooves and the swishing of tails. So, for Seasons, I wrote 'The Red Hill Opera'. 

Athan rang me yesterday to tell me the book was out and I'm just thrilled to round off 2017 by seeing it in print. If you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift, you can buy the book online here or pop into one of the following stores on the Mornington Peninsula; Antipodes Bookshop and Gallery, Red Hill Cellar and Pantry, Farrells Bookshop or Merricks General Wine Store. If you're in Melbourne, you can find it at Avenue Bookstore or Coventry Bookstore.

Fitting Your Double Bridle with Catherine Haddad

The double bridle, also known as a Weymouth bridle, is an advanced piece of tack used in dressage to refine communication between rider and horse.

Properly fitting a double bridle is crucial to ensure the comfort, safety, and effectiveness of this specialized equipment. In this blog post, we will delve into the key steps and considerations involved in fitting a double bridle correctly.