LT Navy Glitter Snaffle Bridle


The LT Navy Glitter Snaffle Bridle brings all the razzle dazzle with a sky blue crystal brow band and and patent leather noseband featuring subtle yet enchanting navy glitter piping framed by navy leather padding. We made this one for you navy lovers!  

This bridle ticks all of the boxes in terms of style, functionality and comfort. The crown piece is anatomically designed and slimmed behind the ears to increase the height at which the brow band can be positioned to ensure adequate clearance of the orbital bone. The noseband is slim as it traverses the body of the mandible and features rounded dee rings. The streamlined noseband ensures the cheek pieces maintain close contact with the horse as they connect to the bit.  

The LT Essential Snaffle Bridle is constructed from flat Italian leather and meets the highest standards for aesthetics and quality. The secondary keeper on the LT Essential Snaffle Bridle is moveable. As an added bonus, the LT Essential Snaffle Bridle also comes complete with an unparalleled list of gorgeous extras you're actually going to be excited to use. 


  • Super soft, 2cm wide reins with stoppers.
  • 8mm crystal brow band
  • Anatomically configured head piece with a gentle cutaway to ensure a good fit for the majority of horses. 
  • Tapered plain leather noseband
  • Flash strap
  • Super luxe, ultra soft, pressure dispersing noseband with our unique 5 keeper configuration to ensure a neat finish and made to measure look. 
  • 12cm long, super luxe, ultra soft crank pad finished with our unique keeper saver.

The LT Essential Snaffle Bridle is available in COB, FULL and X-FULL sizes. Please use the following size guide when selecting a bridle for your horse;

COB: 14.2 hh-15.3 hh

FULL: 16 hh - 17 hh

X-FULL: 17+ hh